Core Values

Core Values

Parkway knows that people are the differentiators in businesses and in communities. Our goal is to hire and retain employees who share our Core Values and will make our Company and Community better. These Core Values help guide us in our everyday actions and decisions. We strive to constantly keep Core Values in focus and hold ourselves accountable to them.


Our Core Values are:



We strive to build respect and gain trust of others as a result of making and keeping commitments. We take responsibility for our actions.



We are self starters who work to improve or enhance products and services, avoid problems, and develop new opportunities. We consistently work toward self-development and take advantage of available educational opportunities.


Customer Focus

We regard both internal and external customers as a priority, and work closely with them to identify and anticipate their needs. We maintain frequent communication with our customers to understand their expectations. We recognize the value of, and endeavor to provide, exceptional customer service at all times.


Team Player

We seek opportunities to contribute across organizational "walls." We accept new responsibilities with great enthusiasm. We work well together in teams or department settings.


Interpersonal Skills

We interact with others in a pleasant and respectful manner. We display compassion and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of others and different cultures. We strive to listen more than speak and endeavor to make it clear that the perspectives of others are very important. We serve as excellent sounding boards and help others express and clarify their own feelings and needs.



We take time to make our community better. We encourage our leaders to become involved in local boards and nonprofit organizations. Our developments are aimed at improving the infrastructure of the cities in which we operate. We volunteer our time to Community Projects and contribute to many outside nonprofit Community Organizations such as the United Way.