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Ground Transportation Management Services: 

Parkway’s Ground Transportation Service at the Philadelphia International Airport provides sophisticated management of commercial ground transportation vehicles such as taxis, limousines and shuttle buses, achieving efficient fee collection for the Airport and top-flight customer service for the traveling public.   

Our History

Parkway's Ground Transportation management services grew out of our parking management services at Amtrak’s 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, which began in 1990.  Because of Parkway’s strong track record of problem solving for Amtrak in its parking operations, the Company was asked to intervene in Amtrak’s underperforming Taxi Dispatch operation.  Parkway’s innovative solutions at rail-based taxi dispatch services led, ultimately, to the award of Parkway’s first Ground Transportation Services contract at Philadelphia International Airport in 1993.  Parkway has now been providing exemplary Ground Transportation Services at the Philadelphia International Airport for more than 20 years.

Our Services
Parkway’s Ground Transportation Services serve the Airport, the commercial vehicle operators such as taxi companies, limousines, and shuttle buses, and the traveling public.  
As an Airport contractor, Parkway is charged with collecting egress fees payable to the Airport by each of the one million-plus commercial vehicles that provides ground transportation to travelers at the Airport.
Egress fee collections exceed $2.4 million annually. 
In addition, in 2007 Parkway’s Automatic Vehicle Information (AVI) system revolutionized the Ground Transportation technology field and is being duplicated at other airports around the country.
  • Parkway’s AVI system tracks all commercial vehicle ingress and egress, ensuring effective revenue collection as all transportation providers are charged on a per trip basis.

  • Parkway’s AVI Documentation Management Office maintains all necessary credentials for commercial drivers and their vehicles, including expiration dates for operator licenses, vehicle registrations and insurances, business licenses, certificates of operating authority, and similar documentation.  Companies or operators with expired credentials are not permitted to access the commercial roadway until full compliance is achieved. The Documentation Office also provides activity and usage reports when requested.
  • Parkway provides credit card services and account management for transportation operators, to enable the efficient collection of egress fees. Parkway’s AVI Customer Care Center is also available for account funding, available balance inquiries, and other needs concerning the revenue collection portion of our business. 

  • Parkway’s AVI Document Management and Customer Care departments operate independently to ensure that proper checks and balances are followed.
  • Parkway’s Ground Transportation Services are also focused on providing top-flight customer service to the traveling public.  More than 5 million travelers use the Philadelphia International Airport’s Ground Transportation system annually, and our Ground Transportation Ambassadors are there to serve them 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  Parkway’s Ambassadors expertly manage the flow of taxi, limo and shuttle bus traffic on the commercial road to ensure that drivers are present where and when they are needed, and are queued out of the way when they are not, allowing efficient loading for baggage-burdened travelers and preventing traffic congestion and dangerous conditions at busy baggage claim areas.  
     Our Customer Service
    Parkway’s Ground Transportation Ambassadors are highly trained in customer service for the traveling public, and are available to provide directions and other assistance for travel both within and outside the Airport.  Parkway’s intensive customer service training exercises are conducted throughout the year, and mystery shops and creative approaches to on-site learning ensure that our staff is continually fresh, focused and prepared.  Parkway is proud to be a multi-year recipient of many customer service awards for Airport Services from several prestigious groups, including J.D. Power.
    To supplement our customer service, Parkway has developed a unique-in-the-industry customized website, accessible for any travelers’ smartphone, tailored to provide assistance and valuable information to our Airport customers. This site includes readily accessible information on the following resources: 
  • Accessibility                                 
  • Hotels                          
  • Airline Information                      
  • Restaurants   
  • Area Attractions
  • Shopping
  • Baggage Claim
  • Special Events
  • Ground Transportation Service (taxi, limo, bus, rental cars, etc.)
    The resources listed in this website can be customized to meet the specific needs of passengers or customers in any airport setting.
    Our Alliances  
    Parkway is proud to partner with many public and private groups to provide Airport Services at a higher level, including:
    -  Public Utilities Commission (P.U.C.)

    -  Philadelphia Parking Authority Taxi and Limousine Division (PPA, TLD)

    -  International Taxi Workers Alliance  

    - Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association

    Parkway Airport Services is also an active member of:

    -          Clean Airport Council, which is responsible for introducing new methods to reduce the carbon footprint at U.S. Airports.

    -          American Ground Transportation Association (AGTA), an organization which specifically serves Airports, transportation operators, ground transportation management services and industry suppliers for the improvement of airport ground transportation services for the ultimate benefit of the traveling public.

    -          American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).