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Public Information and Passenger Amenities Services:  

Parkway’s Public Information and Passenger Amenities Services provides in-terminal customer service to travelers throughout the Philadelphia International Airport from simple directional assistance, to flight information, to seasonal amenities and emergency services during extreme weather and other flight disruptions. 
Our History
Parkway’s success in managing the Ground Transportation operation at Philadelphia International Airport led, in 2001, to an award of the Company’s first Public Information and Passenger Amenities contract at the Airport.  Parkway was selected for this expansion of its services at the Airport over the nationally-recognized travel-based company that had previously provided the service for years. 
Parkway has now been the Airport’s lead customer service provider for 15 years.
Our Services

Parkway’s Public Information and Passenger Amenities Services are multi-faceted, and are performed throughout the public spaces of all airport terminals, responding to over 1,693,000 requests for assistance each year.  Parkway deploys roving Ambassadors throughout all terminals to seek out passengers in need of assistance.  Each Ambassador is equipped with an iPad to provide on-the-spot help, frequently utilizing Parkway’s custom built website tailored to the Philadelphia International Airport’s needs. This website provides instant information on ground transportation, airport or Philadelphia hotels, flight information, restaurants, area attractions, baggage claim and a host of other amenities.  The website can be customized to assist with any future Airport-related projects.

Parkway also provides staffing to the Philadelphia Airport’s Hospitality Program. This program assists passengers during overnight hours when flights are cancelled or delayed. Our Ambassadors distribute over 2,500 food items, 2,000 bottles of water, 4,000 pillows, 9,800 blankets, and 2,000 vanity kits to customers annually.

In addition, Parkway features an Amenities Program that provides passengers with complimentary popcorn, lemonade and apple cider at various seasons of the year. We assist over 4,800 passengers on an annual basis with this program.


We also assist with:

  • Surveys of international air travelers
    • Press conferences
    • Monitoring of flight delays and cancellations
    • Escort services for special events, media, dignitaries, and entertainment
      • Blood drives

Our Success

Parkway credits its success at Philadelphia International Airport to the dedication and enthusiasm of our excellent employees in providing the best customer service in the industry as ambassadors of the City of Philadelphia and its Airport. In most cases, the first and last impression by the traveling public of our City is their interaction with our Ambassadors. Our team members take their role to heart, and are consistently developing new and innovative ideas to serve the Airport and its users.  Philadelphia International Airport was recently ranked the "Highest in Customer Satisfaction in Large Airports" by J.D. Powers and Associates and Parkway believes our role in providing excellent customer service was key to this award.