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Parkway’s investment in parking technology has been revolutionizing the industry for more than eighty years and continues to do so today.  Technology accelerates and enables industry-leading customer experience and world-class operating success across the Parkway platform.  Parkway is engaged with partners around the world to lead global innovation in the industry that produces better products and experiences locally. 

Our investment enables our people and partners to deliver exceptional value and a worry-free experience in several key areas:

For our parking customers…

Park With Ease: Parkway led the way with an in-garage navigation system that guides customers open spaces. Innovative tools like the “Find Your Car” 
touch-screen kiosk and iPhone app allow customers to locate their vehicles 
by simply typing part of their license plate number.
Park Your Way: Customers can chose to pay on foot or use a credit card to card-in/card-out at the gate. In the near future, mobile reservation and payment as well as license-plate-recognition technology will further ease and speed the experience. However you choose to pay, payment processing is handled on a highly reliable PCI-compliant platform to protect customer data.

Park With Style: Parkway pioneered automated parking in its markets. Automated parking systems store and retrieve vehicles efficiently and effectively.

Park With Confidence: Parkway facilities are integrated via voice and video with our 24/7 Customer Care Center. We are at the ready to assist customers with any need. Additionally, video monitoring and analytics keep us actively in touch with the parking environment.

For our investment and operating partners…

Operate Effectively: Customers tend to prefer self-service payment systems over cashiered methods by three or more to one. In fact, customers are frequently drawn to these automated locations on this basis alone.

Operate Efficiently: Automated systems generate data that can be used to better manage operations. Information is timely, accurate and actionable.

Operate Profitably: Operating expenses, such as payroll can be reduced by 50% in a technology-enabled facility. The platform creates scale and stability that makes parking an asset.

Operate Confidently: Integrated, automatic revenue control, site monitoring and gate management improve the customer experience while delivering up to 15% more revenue.

At Parkway we have a personal and deep commitment to delivering technology to the
industry that helps our customers and our partners to experience parking at a higher level.