Touchless and Pay-by-Phone

Experience the freedom and confidence of touchless parking! 

Parkway is proud to deliver the best contactless entry and payment in the industry.

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Entry tickets with a wave of the hand and/or pay-by-phone are available at many of our locations including:



1201 Filbert St.
1201 Walnut St.
1701 Market St.
Liberty Place (44 S 16th St.)
Walnut Towers (805 Walnut St.)
Walnut Street Theater (805 Walnut St.)
Centre Square
Broad and Race (150 N. Broad St.)
15th and Cherry
815 Arch St.
1845 Walnut St.
Bellevue Hotel (220 S. Broad St.) - pay by phone only


100 West Fayette St.
545 North High Street - pay by phone only
215 East Fayette Street - pay by phone only


Freemarkets (210 6th Ave.)


Mobile Payment

Look for pay-by-phone signs at many of our locations for a completely touchless experience!