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AVI Account Portal


Parkway’s Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) system revolutionized the Ground Transportation technology field and is being duplicated at other airports around the country. Parkway’s AVI system tracks all commercial vehicle ingress and egress, ensuring effective revenue collection as all transportation providers are charged on a per trip basis. Parkway provides a payment kiosk and cashless payment options such as credit card, Apple Pay and Venmo. Parkway also provides account management for transportation operators, to enable the efficient collection of egress fees.

Parkway has a Customer Care Center located at the Philadelphia International Airport, which is staffed daily by our Customer Care Specialists.  Our Specialists are available for account funding, available balance inquiries, and other needs concerning the revenue collection portion of our business.  They also maintain all necessary credentials for commercial drivers and their vehicles, including expiration dates for operator licenses, vehicle registrations and insurances, business licenses, certificates of operating authority, and similar documentation.  Companies or operators with expired credentials are not permitted to access the commercial roadway until full compliance is achieved.

PHL AVI Customers

If you are a commercial transportation operator and would like to open an AVI account at the Philadelphia International Airport please click on the application below to print, complete, and submit all necessary documentation to Parkway’s Customer Care Center via email at


If you have any inquiries or need assistance, contact our Customer Care Specialists at or call 215-937-6764.