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Parkway is actively looking to develop well placed assets.

POD Rooftop



Parkway Corporation is a full service real estate development and management company with a long history and strength in land acquisition.  The company carries its pre-development land by managing some of the best parking facilities in its markets.  Parkway is actively looking to develop well placed assets into office, residential, retail and/or multi-family developments.  The company has joint ventured with some of the country’s most prolific developers and has also self-performed many projects.  Our land bank runs from Toronto through the mid-Atlantic region and beyond to Memphis and Richmond with Philadelphia being the base of operations representing our most dense set of sites.  We are actively looking to acquire additional well placed, urban land throughout the East Coast and are working diligently to develop sites we already own.



2222 Market

2222 Market


Parkway is pleased to announce the development of a new office tower, 2222 Market. The building will serve as the new founding office for Morgan Lewis & Bockius, one of Philadelphia's leading law firms.  Learn more...


Below is just a sample of the great development sites in our land bank.  Click View More Properties below the listing to see even more opportunities.

Pod Philly Entrance

Case Studies

Case Studies

POD Hotel

The idea to turn a 30± space parking lot into a 250-room micro hotel just made sense.  In recent years, Philadelphia has been on an upward trend from both a residential and retail standpoint and Parkway, with its Partner, Modus Hotels had the foresight to address the emerging need for short-term lodging within the city. Timing and location were the deciding factors in executing this development, which opened in 2019.