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Since 1930, Parkway Corporation has been an industry leader in combining operational excellence and innovative technology to deliver exceptional products and customer experiences.

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why parkway?

why parkway?

We are a real estate developer, investor, and best-in-class parking operator. For more than three generations, we have delivered exceptional products and customer experiences through unique technology, innovative customer service solutions, and ground-breaking design.

You can be confident that the Parkway team is committed to providing exceptional convenience, reliability, and value in all that we do.




2222 Market

2222 Market 2


Parkway is pleased to announce the development of 2222 Market. The building will serve as the new founding office for Morgan Lewis & Bockius, one of Philadelphia's leading law firms.  Learn more...



News and Insights

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Hilton Motto Hotel

The idea to turn a 30± space parking lot into a 250-room micro hotel just made sense.  In recent years, Philadelphia has been on an upward trend from both a residential and retail standpoint and Parkway, with its Partner, Modus Hotels had the foresight to address the emerging need for short-term lodging within the city. Timing and location were the deciding factors in executing this development, which opened in 2019. Originally opened under Modus' POD flag, the hotel joined Hilton's Motto brand family in 2021.



Want to discuss a real estate opportunity?

We are a developer with design expertise as well as an in-house property management team. Our land inventory and our experience mean that we can deliver a great asset on your site or ours. 

Contact us to discuss how we can partner with you to create an exceptional hotel, multi-family, office, retail or structured parking asset.



Have a parking question?

Our operations and customer service are best-in-class. Customers tend to prefer our clean, well-managed sites with app-driven/digital and self-service payment amenities. Choose to pay your way on foot or via your mobile device on a PCI-compliant platform designed to protect customer data.

Have a question?  Our 24/7 Customer Care Center is staffed by experienced customer ambassadors.