20 Minutes
Max stay 20 min
40 Minutes
Min stay 21 min Max stay 40 min
60 Minutes
Min stay 41 min Max stay 60 min
2 Hours
Min stay 61 min Max stay 2 hrs
12 Hours
Min stay 2 hrs Max stay 12 hrs
24 Hours
Min stay 12 hrs Max stay 24 hrs
Early Bird
Mon - Fri In after 4:00 AM In before 9:00 AM Out before 7:00 PM
Mon Tue Wed Thu Sun In after 5:00 PM Out before 5:00 AM Min stay 41 min Max stay 12 hrs


All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day


• 960 total
• 8 EV
• 24 accessible


• Location Type: Garage
• Accepts: Credit Card, ParkMobile, ParkWhiz
• Height Restrictions: 6'9"
• 24 Hours
• More Features: Above Ground, Gated, Aquarium Parking

Lockwood (124 Market) — monthly price: $220.00

Lockwood Garage in front of Baltimore Aquarium

National Aquarium in Baltimore

Parking for a 2-hour (Max of 6 hours) visit to the Aquarium is as little as $19! Stay for 12 Hours for just $22.

Convenient and spacious garage near the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. An official parking partner with preferred parking rates for the National Aquarium in Baltimore.


Want 25% discounted parking near the Aquarium? Check out the 3 easy steps below!
  1. Enter the Lockwood Garage at 124 Market Place by taking a ticket and parking. Be sure to bring the ticket with you to the Aquarium.
  2. Get your parking ticket validated at the end of your visit before you exit the Aquarium.
  3. Take the validated ticket to the parking garage lobby and the automated machines will discount the parking based on your length of stay.

No coupon is required, and the discount is valid for all Aquarium guests for any duration of stay.

For more information, go to https://aqua.org/visit  to see parking rates and options.  Reserve your parking spot at the National Aquarium using Parkmobile.