Alfred Stevens

Assistant Vice President, Operations

Alfred Stevens joined Parkway in 2005 as a District Manager in the Philadelphia operations. Immediately prior to joining Parkway, Mr. Stevens worked for Impark as General Manager of their San Francisco operations for five years and was instrumental in growing the operations from four locations serving the baseball stadium to thirty-five locations in San Francisco and Oakland, with an employee base in excess of 125.  Parkway promoted Mr. Stevens to Assistant Vice President, Operations in 2022.

Mr. Stevens began his parking career in 1991 as an Evening Manager at Meyers Parking in New York City. When Central Parking Systems assumed Meyers’ operation, Mr. Stevens remained with Central Parking and worked in various positions within the company, including Area Manager and Operations Manager in New York City and General Manager in St. Louis, Missouri.

Mr. Stevens has a wealth of management and parking experience nationwide. He has been directly or indirectly involved in different types of parking operations, including mixed-use projects, hotels, office buildings, residential developments, and large sporting venues. Mr. Stevens' parking expertise includes revenue maximization, marketing, acquisitions, client relations, and manager development.

Mr. Stevens has a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration degree in General Management from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT).

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