Mark Hampton

Assistant Vice President, Information Technology

Mark Hampton joined Parkway in April of 2001. He is responsible for Parkway’s network infrastructure, systems administration, help desk, parking point-of-sale systems, and credit card industry compliance. Between 2018 and 2021, he guided the conversion of dozens of parking facilities to a new cloud-based parking system, which has opened up new possibilities for ticketless and gateless parking.

Mr. Hampton started as our Help Desk technician in 2001. By 2007, Parkway promoted Mr. Hampton to Director, Operations Systems, where he was responsible for evaluating and managing parking system selections and installations, as well as compliance with the Payment Card Industry Standards. His responsibilities further expanded in 2017 to include management of Parkway’s help desk, systems administration, and network infrastructure. Parkway promoted Mr. Hampton to Assistant Vice President, Information Technology in 2022.

Mr. Hampton earned his Payment Card Industry Professional (PCI-P) certification in 2014 and has maintained his annual PCI Internal Security Assessor (PCI-ISA) certification since 2015.

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